Virtual Tour

Sorry, I am about a month overdue on this post!

To recap, we were on the historic home tour in Mount Pleasant the first weekend of August. It has been a whirlwind!! Between going to Salt Lake for work, going on vacation, C being sick, we were VERY behind getting ready for the tour…raced to get ready, and then still had so many, many house projects to complete to get ready for the arrival of the new baby. See last post for an update on Cecelia’s new room.

The tour itself went great! Boy, oh boy, was I exhausted. On Saturday, we had 166 visitors come see our house over 8 hours. Thankfully, my parents came up to help with Cecelia, so Bruce and I could give the tours. Per usual, Miss C was the star of the show while she was around, and she was eating up all of the attention. On Sunday, we had 144 visitors over 4 hours. Talk about exhaustion! I was asleep within 30-40 minutes after the tour ended both days. Whew!!

But, this was the year to do it, and everyone was SOOO nice! It was cool to hear different people’s stories about things they knew about this house…one guy who came to visit even told my Dad how he used to have sleepovers here with the Humphreyvilles when he was younger! We heard about how beautiful the house was when she was here, the cranberry glass she collected, and the gorgeous furniture that was once here.

By far the nicest and sweetest thing that happened was a couple, who actually stopped back at the end of the tours on Saturday to give us a gift for our new baby. I was so touched and couldn’t believe it. They thanked us for sharing our home, and wanted to give a little blessing to the baby. SO SO SO nice. I couldn’t believe it.

We got to meet some folks from town we’ve never met before, and even met some followers of this blog!! It’s always so strange to me when someone references the blog, because to me I can’t believe people other than my Aunt, Mom, and Dad read it…which really between them and our wanting to keep a log of our progress to refer back to is why we write this! I can’t believe people we don’t know are interested in reading what I have to say!! It’s really cool and surreal. And thank you!

So…we wanted to have a virtual tour for those who couldn’t attend. Here goes.

Outside of the house!!

We were stop 3 on the tour, and I was 31 weeks pregnant.

Step into our entryway. Downstairs only please!!

We have a gallery wall, full of pictures of our ancestors, families who used to live in our house, and our growing family.

Here is a picture from a snowstorm, likely around the time of the Civil War. Several people had been sledding in front of our house.

The background in this frame is from original wallpaper from one of the rooms in our house. (You’ll probably recall many of my early posts about removing said wallpaper). Here are photographs of Alma, Lafie, and William Reid.

Mr. Humphreyville collected old steam engines in the backyard of our house. He was once featured in the local newspaper for his collection. This picture was part of that piece.

To the left here, beneath the stairs we have our 1/2 bathroom. The Stary Night in the bathroom was a wedding gift from one of Bruce’s fraternity brothers.

Next, we will take you back toward the front door and into our living room. The living room also has an exterior door, to the front of our house. We don’t use the door ourselves, but this room was originally William Reid’s office. He was a wheelwright, but he also was the town Justice of the Peace. We found an old wheel in Amish country, and knew we had to have it for this room. While we were checking out, someone asked us what we were going to use it for…we weren’t sure. She said, I think you should make a coffee table out of that, so that we did!! We worked with Scott who pulled some reclaimed barn wood from a local barn to make the base, and a table we have! This room is basically Cecelia’s playspace, given her toys in the corner. The flag we found at an antique shop, and decided to hang it across the top of the room from its original pole.

We will take you across the hall, into our dining room. We added the built in cabinets in this room. The Humphreyvilles had large cabinets in this space, that were auctioned after her passing. We needed storage and thought they would be a great addition to this room.

Our dining room table and bench is made from original wood from the upstairs nursery when we took out the closets. Again, credit to construction of both the built ins and table goes to Scott. The centerpiece on the table is from a wine barrel we got in Sedona on our honeymoon.

The wood floors throughout the house are all original. In the dining room, there is no stain, this is just a polyurethane. The floors had several layers of paint on them, which we think helped to preserve the wood.

Take a step down, and enter the kitchen. The kitchen was not originally a kitchen, we moved this when we were renovating the house. We actually drew the design and placement out ourselves, using chalk on the floor.

The builtins in the kitchen are original to the house. They had about 3 different colors of likely lead paint on them that we stripped off, but we couldn’t quite get to the wood, so we repainted them to match the white of our peninsula.

The house originally had 7 fireplaces, and this one in the kitchen where the peninsula is coming out is one of the only ones we covered up.

The windows are all original. We have had them removed, fully restored, and put back in…a few at a time. We are also slowly adding interior insulated windows on the inside. This allows us to maintain our heating and cooling costs, while keeping the original wavy glass look.

This next room is now my office, but was the original kitchen in the house. You can see the large cooking fireplace, behind my desk. I work remotely, and when we use webcams the fireplace is always the first thing my colleagues ask about. It’s an interesting conversation starter!! Above the fireplace, we decided to use a stencil, just to give the room some added texture and flair – remember, no wallpaper allowed in this house!!

In here we added the wainscoting. The floors in the kitchen through the laundry room are not original. But we found this gray ceramic title that looks like brick at Lowes…after searching so, so, so many specialty tile shops in person and online, seeking out a brick tile look. The builtins in the office are also original. But, we added the bench seat beneath the window, and we use this as linen storage. My desk is a piece that we refinished ourselves. I stripped and stained the top, and then used chalk paint on the bottom. The houses along the edge of the wainscoting are all houses from Mt. Pleasant, a housewarming gift from the Gilots when we first moved in.

Last, we have the laundry room, off the office. This was likely originally a butler’s pantry or storage room.

Last, but not least is the porch. There are three exterior doors that lead to the porch: one from the entryway, back by the 1/2 bath, another from our kitchen, and a third from the office. Again, the porch was beautifully staged by Glenda and Abby Dulkoski. I’ve included pictures, but please also check out the post on this!!!

Thank you for touring our home!! It’s been so fun!!! We are so thankful for everyone’s interest this year, in helping our town, and the Historical Society.


The Clark Family

Our silly star, Cecelia

Thanks to my mom and dad for helping with Cecelia, the tour, the food, and making sure we ate dinner both nights!!

Anxiously awaiting the first tour goers to arrive!


Big Girl Room

Last night we put our baby into her 1st big girl room, in preparation for baby addition number 2’s arrival in 5-6 weeks. She did such a good job, and I am so proud of her! I was having anxiety about the transition myself all day, and I had wanted to start the transition about 4 weeks ago, just in case. But, as we know with house projects, other things happen and get in the way, delaying our transition to last night. Anyways, we went in to the room together and walked her around, showing her all the fun things in her new room. Then, we spent some time reading, in her new chair. And finally put her down. I went to check on her 5 minutes later, and she was out!!

We moved C into the former guest room. Thus, we no longer have a guest room in the house. That’s ok – some day our garage apartment will be open and ready for guests instead.

Here is the original post on the guest room to go back to to check out some of the before pictures.

Her room turned out beautifully, and we couldn’t be happier with it!!

We purchased a small China cabinet and dresser off of Craigslist, and I painted them. Here are some before and afters of each piece.

Due to the water damage on the cabinet’s veneer I had to put several coats of the white on. As you can see from the picture above.

I still need to decide what I want to do in the open part. It originally had glass, which broke, and I kind of like the look of it being open. I might get some pink contact paper to put down and leave the open look. Or put in a clothing bar, to hang up dress-up clothes. More to come on that!

I forgot to take a picture of the dresser with the drawers in. Whoops. But, you get the general idea. I knew I wanted to do all different pinks in her room, so we picked several different pinks at the store, and I decided to paint the dresser white with different pink faces on each drawer.

We still need to put pulls on the drawers, so we will post an update once the ones we have ordered come in. They are super cute little bows from Hobby Lobby and I can’t wait for them to arrive!

Here are final pictures of her room. Before she was born, we didn’t know her gender, and Bruce had bought me a stuffed elephant for her room and a necklace with an elephant on it to represent the baby. After C was born, ironically two people also got her elephants for her as gifts! It was set, her little animal was an elephant. Thus, we went with that theme for her new beautiful room.

Wall paint color: Sherwin Williams, Pottery Barn Kids Alyssum

We ended up getting her a crib with the conversion, because we feel 18 months is still too early for a big girl bed. But, when she is ready, we can switch this one over for her.

Rug: Lorena Canals

I am obsessed with the idea of this rug because…it is machine washable!!! What a fantastic idea!!

Patio Dreams!

One of the selling points of this house was the side porch. I COULDN’T wait to be able to sit out on it and relax. So much, in fact that I mistakenly thought we’d be out there by fall of 2016. Well…clearly that time came and went…so then a Spring deadline was set…that also came and went…and then this pregnant Mama started to get a little tiny bit upset that we were missing out on all of this good porch time. So we “got serious” this May and June about the porch.

It was a fairly big project, because 1st we had to clear it off. You see, it had become a breeding ground for “extra materials” or furniture that didn’t yet have a home in the house. Let’s call these “Exhibit A.”

As you can see, there was stuff everywhere!!! So…first step toward glory was the arrival of the dumpster, if you recall my excitement in this post.

Bruce and I spent a good hour and a half “clearing” it off after Cecelia went to bed on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. This involved throwing things into the dumpster that were seriously garbage, saving some original wood for Scott to make other projects out of, putting a scrap wood pile out by the road, moving furniture to new locations, and emptying it down to the cupboard.

You see, there was about a 500 lb cupboard out on the porch that was originally in the pantry turned laundry room of the house. It was likely built in that room, because we had to remove the door frame to get it out when we were repairing plaster, drywalling ceilings, and laying tile 3-4 years ago. So, it’s been on it’s side on our porch for years, blocking half of my kitchen window, and taking up a good 50% of the porch. While we had original good intentions to refinish the cabinet ourselves, it was just too big of a project for us/me to take on at this time, and was plain and simple, in the way!

We contacted some local friends of a friends, who are restoring an old log cabin up the street, and they were excited to take it. One problem solved!!

When it finally was off of the porch I was jumping around when bruce got home. Look at all of the light in the kitchen!!! Look at all of the space for activities!!! I’ve never ever even seen the porch cleared off, literally EVER, in the time period of knowing about this porch!! Happiest day ever in June for me!

As you can see, we still had some work to do. So we cleared off the extra few remaining things, borrowed a power washer, and set to work!

My sister came into town to watch Cecelia so we could concentrate on this project, and that we did. Thanks Aunt Becca!!

We joked it was “like the old days” of working on projects together vs separate
since C’s arrival.

I spent my time removing the hostas, brush, weeds, leaves, garbage, etc. outside of the porch that had accumulated since last spring when we first planted out here.

Here’s me, 25 weeks pregnant, taking full advantage of my extra weight. I was excited to discover that with this extra weight, jumping on the shovel to dig these out was MUCH easier than last spring!!

Final product on the plants/yard

Bruce worked on power-washing the brick, siding, and deck.

Even wet, we were astonished with the results!!

That night and the next day, and really every day in between we all sat out on the porch enjoying our new space…although the work was not done! The porch is Cecelia’s favorite spot!

At some point, we believe there’s evidence that all of our exterior brick was painted. Then, it was removed, and the brick was re-pointed. For whatever reason, they chose not to do this on the brick inside of the porch, which they left painted. After power washing, the brick was not stable enough to leave exposed. So we knew we were going to have to repaint it.

We got all of our supplies…and then we went out of town to visit friends for the 4th of July weekend! We came back Sunday, and spent all of the holiday on Monday painting. Luckily, C napped for like 3.5 hours that day, exhausted from all the fun she’d had with her friend Grace!! So we got LOTS done!

Before paint:

During painting so you can see the difference. We tried to match it to the brick that is repointed and fine as best we could.

Painting at 26 weeks! Me and the bump!

Bruce painted all of the white on the railings and got all of the high parts that required a ladder. Short and pregnant girl probs.

C loved sitting out and watching Dad paint!

Finished product!!

With the tour looming closely, and other things going on with Cecelia and Baby Clark, I couldn’t even mentally think about shopping and decorating the porch. I was spent!! Thank goodness, local artist and saint, Glenda Dulkoski offered to stage our porch! She and Abbey came and spent some time last week getting us all set up, and it turned out just beautifully!! She also gave me lots of good ideas for ways to decorate it myself. I need some red rocking chairs!!! Many thanks to Glenda and Abbey:

Here is the beautiful outcome:

We still need to pick a foundation paint for the exterior that we will also paint these steps. The right gray can be elusive to find! We had 3 samples, and none were quite right. We will work on that for the exterior next.

Lessons from the Lorax

So…I had been trying to think about how to frame this post all day today. Feeling pretty guilty about taking down what have to be very old trees. I kept thinking about the Lorax, and feeling ashamed, like he was going to yell at me.

I thought, maybe I should google some quotes from The Lorax that I can then apologize to. To my surprise, my search took a different turn… the most popular quote was as follows:

Suddenly I feel better! Because really, this is us. This house and this property sat, unattended to or poorly cared for years after Mrs. Humphreyville passed away. These trees that came down had to come down to allow us to make things better on the outside.

The first tree that came down was on the side of our property. When we first bought the house, four years ago, the tree was struck by lightening. Half of it fell into our yard and onto our roof. Good thing there was no real damage and we hadn't replaced the roof yet anyways. Somehow, although it was half dead, the tree lived on. It's pretty dangerous, however, as it is across multiple electric wires, and half on the busy road.

It's pretty crazy how quickly Kenny and his crew were able to take this tree down. The majority of their time was then cutting and chipping it up!

Cecelia was thoroughly entertained watching them work; she found it so exciting!!

We put up a sign that this wood was free around 7pm tonight, and it's already all gone, 2 hours later. Haha.

It's crazy how much bigger our lawn feels without this tree on our property, and there's so much more light!!

There were two other trees that needed to come down was literally on top of the roof of our new garage. No joke. Poor Kenny and his crew. None of us realized that the garage was going to be so close to these trees, and thus we didn't call to have it taken down until the garage structure was already up. Clearly it would have been easier to take this tree down before the garage went up. Oops.


During their work!


We have one more tree to trim, that's coming over our neighbors' fence and onto the garage. Should be done soon.

So thank you Mr. Lorax for the positivity in taking down these trees as we work to grow and beautify our property.

Home Tour Next Weekend!

So…there was this one time when we thought offering to be on the home tour would be a good idea with an 18-month-old, and myself at 31 weeks pregnant…

Oh yeah, that was this year.

We are scrambling away over here this weekend, trying to do as many final last minute projects as possible for the annual home tour next weekend.

If you are around or available, stop by to see the first floor of our home. Details about the tour can be found here.

Cost of the tour is $15 for adults and $7 for children ages 6-13. There are lots of other properties in town included on the tour, details in the link above.

We are only showing the 1st floor of our home, which includes:

  • Entry
  • Living room
  • 1/2 bath under the stairs
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • Office
  • Laundry
  • Side porch

Our side porch is our latest project, and won't have any furniture on it or be decorated at all…but will be complete. Blog post to come once it is actually decorated and set-up!

I'll also do my best to post early next week with the results of our odds and ends project that are set to occur this week and prior.

Like a Kid on Christmas Morning!!

Today the dumpster arrived at our house!!!!!! 

In a month (or longer) when it’s still here, I feel as though I need a post to remind me of the excitement I feel at this VERY moment for its arrival!!!

See you have to understand…I’ve spent two years which equates to two summers and two falls without a porch and with the side of our home, where everyone and their mother passes by looking like a trash bin and being DREADFULLY embarrassing. 

The arrival of the dumpster signifies and end to these two things!!! It also means my dear husband gets to clear out the third and finally bedroom in our home…and work can begin here! 

Take a moment to chuckle at his “scrap room”.  He and Scott treat this like a store, and both have told me they are going to miss scrounging for bits of supply in this room.  Guess who isn’t going to miss it?? 🙄😘

You can guess how we will be spending all of our free time this Memorial Day weekend between the strawberry patch, neighborhood picnics, and the Pirates game…So if you’re local, don’t be alarmed by the woman with the 20-week pregnancy belly outside dragging around bags of garbage and chucking things into the dumpster…I think I’m stronger than I am…and at least for now I am SUPER excited about spending our weekend working and filling this dumpster!! 

Progress on the garage is going smoothly!! We are currently awaiting the arrival of our tresses (I think) and then things will pick back up again.  

Progress pics:

It’s looking HUGE, and so cool, and I am anxiously awaiting getting to pick out all of the fun things for inside the apartment!!!! 

I’m told these beams are different and awesome too.  I don’t know enough to explain them, but Scott Martin Construction is responsible for their amazingness! 

More soon! 

Beginning New Construction!

Well, after a long few weeks of rain, the day is FINALLY here… excavation is beginning in our back yard!!! 


Well…we are starting new construction with Scott Martin Construction LLC and couldn’t be more excited!! 

Scott, Eli, and Bruce spent a few hours out in the rain marking up where our garage is going to be placed.

To think, we originally found Scott because he was Bruce’s family’s neighbor, and he “did good work” is so funny to me now.  Scott, Jenny, and their family have become such a part of our lives and are more family than anything else!  I don’t imagine Scott ever thought the ONE project we contacted him for would turn into their building a full on garage plus apartment in our backyard, and endless upon endless lists of things to do in William Reid’s home.  Poor Scott.  Hahahaha.  But really, so much of this house is thanks to him, and we didn’t even consider working with anyone else for our next project!  

We are going to have a two car garage, bonus room, and full apartment in our very own backyard.  All new construction!!! Now, if you have or have worked on an old house, you know how different “new construction” is from old.  Scott is so very excited to work on a Clark family project that for the first time will use real standards of measurement, square corners, and true plans that don’t have to be made up along the way because of some crazy unforeseen complication.  

There used to be a block garage in this same spot.  You may recall from my history posts, Mr. Humphreyville collected Steam Engines which were kept in this garage.  However, at some point when the house had some other owners, the roof caved in.  When the bank took over the mortgage, the structure became a “liability” and was torn down.

Today…digging begins…and while this garage will be quite a bit bigger than the old, it will still be in the same spot!